The links we promised

Every time the hosts promise a link…well, here it is!


ACTC Conference info

We are pleased to announce the ACTC Young Men’s Conference coming up on Friday, March the 19th. If you have any questions regarding the conferences, or the student food pantry, please visit: ACTC or ACTC Food Pantry

Registration for the conference can be found here. And, ACTC is on Facebook as well.

the Porch with Irenka

Thank you for tuning in to our Porch series interview featuring the lovely Irenka from Nashville. We hope you enjoyed the show! And, if you’re looking for her links you’ve some to the right place. The website she has crafted can be found here: Black Swan and features of her work are on You Tube. Make sure and check her out! And, follow her on Twitter.

#FBWMusic and McMillan

We were so happy to see the Fighting back with Music charity event hosted by In Your Ears Radio and @FBWMusic have such a smashing success! If you would like to donate after the fact, please visit: