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Got the Best of Me

They say that the “third time’s the charm.” And if you believe that, then the soon to be released third album by Patrick “Paddy” Jordan is going to be one that you’ll love. The lead single called ‘Got the Best of Me’ is a wonderful musically and vocally rich song about a love gone wrong.The […]

Ballgames and Breweries

Lines from a Poem – Ballgames and BreweriesOn the heels of ‘California Sun’, comes the newest single from the band Lines of a Poem called ‘Ballgames and Breweries.’ And if you are familiar with their previous release, ‘California Sun’, you just may think of ‘Ballgames’ as it’s prequel. Written by band member Gary Wright, ‘Ballgames […]


Games – Sean Buckley featuring Laura Jayne With a slow and haunting start, Laura Jayne’s rich vocals draw you right in to ‘Games,’ which is the soon to be released single by Sean Buckley featuring Laura on vocals. You are then dropped right into an upbeat/techno/disco style song that immediately gets you moving.Reminiscent of a […]

We Know Each Other by the Smiles in Our Hearts

Dainty, light on it’s feet, sweet as spun sugar…is it any wonder a ukulele can draw out those same feelings from a heart? It’s never so dark, so grim, or so sad as to out shadow the fun, playful sounds of a good ukulele tune. Frankly, it encompasses joy. Can you hear it without smiling? […]


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