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I guess the one thing we’ve come to expect from oh! Paulo, is well, to expect the unexpected. No fuss, no flashiness, just brilliant, thought provoking, powerful music. His tracks always feel like they drop out of seemingly nowhere, with no fanfare.

Pavement Sitcom is the latest release from this talented Scottish, singer-songwriter. Paul has a fantastic ability to convey day to day life through his catchy lyrics, which go deeper than first appears.

Pavement Sitcom is a song that captures those times we’ve all experienced at some point. A quiet moment in the coffee shop, people watching, wondering what others lives are like. Seeing couples getting agitated with one another as the weight of everyday life takes its toll.

With a relentless guitar riff, and Paul’s trademark vocal, 2022 has started off brightly for the Aberdeen native. We can’t wait to see what Oh! Paulo cooks up next.

They say that the “third time’s the charm.” And if you believe that, then the soon to be released third album by Patrick “Paddy” Jordan is going to be one that you’ll love. The lead single called ‘Got the Best of Me’ is a wonderful musically and vocally rich song about a love gone wrong.
The song starts out slow and soulful. The pleading is clear. There is a desire to fix what went wrong. Skillful guitar playing along with a sultry and bluesy bridge, and great bass line that builds to a climactic realization that it’s over. If you are listening closely, you can just feel the tension and hear the door softly close as the love finally comes to a disappointing and bitter end.
As with his second album. ‘Louder,’ which was released in April of 2021, Paddy covers all the bases himself on album number three, ‘Silver Linings.’ Playing every instrument and producing it all himself, ‘Got the Best of Me’ is surely just the first of many great alt-country, blues rock songs for us to enjoy!

Lines from a Poem – Ballgames and Breweries
On the heels of ‘California Sun’, comes the newest single from the band Lines of a Poem called ‘Ballgames and Breweries.’ And if you are familiar with their previous release, ‘California Sun’, you just may think of ‘Ballgames’ as it’s prequel. Written by band member Gary Wright, ‘Ballgames and Breweries’ takes you on a journey of one who has made friends and found love while traveling the U.S.
This upbeat indie/alt-country song gives you the feeling of driving with the windows down, wind blowing in your face while you travel along interstate 65 from Chicago to Nashville so you can be with the one you love. A quick mention of California brings forth a bit of that heartache we felt in ‘California Sun.’ Gary’s unique and harmonic vocals draw you in once again to a melody that tells a wonderful story.
‘Ballgames’ was recorded during the band’s first ever time in the studio and produced by Patrick Jordan, who also contributed the lead guitar and piano parts. With vocals and storytelling ability as theirs, I am sure we can expect many more great songs in the future.

Games – Sean Buckley featuring Laura Jayne

With a slow and haunting start, Laura Jayne’s rich vocals draw you right in to ‘Games,’ which is the soon to be released single by Sean Buckley featuring Laura on vocals. You are then dropped right into an upbeat/techno/disco style song that immediately gets you moving.
Reminiscent of a journal entry, ‘Games’ is based on the anger and pain one feels when the realization comes that you are being used and how you would go about getting that “user” out of your mind – even when you are having a hard time doing it.
Sean’s melodic electronica sound on this single pairs very well with Laura Jayne’s vocals to create a great dance tune that you won’t soon be able to get off your mind!

Dainty, light on it’s feet, sweet as spun sugar…is it any wonder a ukulele can draw out those same feelings from a heart? It’s never so dark, so grim, or so sad as to out shadow the fun, playful sounds of a good ukulele tune. Frankly, it encompasses joy. Can you hear it without smiling? Try – We’ll wait.

Didn’t work, did it? Welcome to sunshine and happiness. When the pressure of the world insists on turning the milk of human kindness to bonnie clabber along comes some brightness to wrestle it into ice-cream.

Take a load off tonight as we get to know Jenny Stevens, the Ukulele girl with the winning smile and music of sunshine.

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Well, we descended from the diaspora, so it’s only fitting that the diaspora we should become. The music and stories stay with us though, passed down generation by generation like some sort of offset homesickness for a place we don’t know. Just as with the land, they work their way into our blood and our bones and become the bits we hold close so as to always know from where we started.

Tonight we’re talking to Matt Derda and exploring the route from Eastern Ky straight to Chicago. With a meld like “Old Style beer plus Bourbon” you know the guys have got some smooth tunes for us. Come join us as we talk about their music, their journey, and their future. You won’t be disappointed!

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