Just in! An update from the Curiosity Shoppe’s penmaster David…

I guess the one thing we’ve come to expect from oh! Paulo, is well, to expect the unexpected. No fuss, no flashiness, just brilliant, thought provoking, powerful music. His tracks always feel like they drop out of seemingly nowhere, with no fanfare.

Pavement Sitcom is the latest release from this talented Scottish, singer-songwriter. Paul has a fantastic ability to convey day to day life through his catchy lyrics, which go deeper than first appears.

Pavement Sitcom is a song that captures those times we’ve all experienced at some point. A quiet moment in the coffee shop, people watching, wondering what others lives are like. Seeing couples getting agitated with one another as the weight of everyday life takes its toll.

With a relentless guitar riff, and Paul’s trademark vocal, 2022 has started off brightly for the Aberdeen native. We can’t wait to see what Oh! Paulo cooks up next.

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