Got the Best of Me

They say that the “third time’s the charm.” And if you believe that, then the soon to be released third album by Patrick “Paddy” Jordan is going to be one that you’ll love. The lead single called ‘Got the Best of Me’ is a wonderful musically and vocally rich song about a love gone wrong.
The song starts out slow and soulful. The pleading is clear. There is a desire to fix what went wrong. Skillful guitar playing along with a sultry and bluesy bridge, and great bass line that builds to a climactic realization that it’s over. If you are listening closely, you can just feel the tension and hear the door softly close as the love finally comes to a disappointing and bitter end.
As with his second album. ‘Louder,’ which was released in April of 2021, Paddy covers all the bases himself on album number three, ‘Silver Linings.’ Playing every instrument and producing it all himself, ‘Got the Best of Me’ is surely just the first of many great alt-country, blues rock songs for us to enjoy!

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