Ballgames and Breweries

Lines from a Poem – Ballgames and Breweries
On the heels of ‘California Sun’, comes the newest single from the band Lines of a Poem called ‘Ballgames and Breweries.’ And if you are familiar with their previous release, ‘California Sun’, you just may think of ‘Ballgames’ as it’s prequel. Written by band member Gary Wright, ‘Ballgames and Breweries’ takes you on a journey of one who has made friends and found love while traveling the U.S.
This upbeat indie/alt-country song gives you the feeling of driving with the windows down, wind blowing in your face while you travel along interstate 65 from Chicago to Nashville so you can be with the one you love. A quick mention of California brings forth a bit of that heartache we felt in ‘California Sun.’ Gary’s unique and harmonic vocals draw you in once again to a melody that tells a wonderful story.
‘Ballgames’ was recorded during the band’s first ever time in the studio and produced by Patrick Jordan, who also contributed the lead guitar and piano parts. With vocals and storytelling ability as theirs, I am sure we can expect many more great songs in the future.

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