We Know Each Other by the Smiles in Our Hearts

Dainty, light on it’s feet, sweet as spun sugar…is it any wonder a ukulele can draw out those same feelings from a heart? It’s never so dark, so grim, or so sad as to out shadow the fun, playful sounds of a good ukulele tune. Frankly, it encompasses joy. Can you hear it without smiling? Try – We’ll wait.

Didn’t work, did it? Welcome to sunshine and happiness. When the pressure of the world insists on turning the milk of human kindness to bonnie clabber along comes some brightness to wrestle it into ice-cream.

Take a load off tonight as we get to know Jenny Stevens, the Ukulele girl with the winning smile and music of sunshine.

Listen now!

Oh! And don’t forget Seasick Steve! Youtube and Spotify


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    • Oh I thoroughly enjoyed bringing Jenny out here! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show, and that you get to work with her. She certainly likes working with you too! I can’t wait to see what you two cook up!


  1. ApryI Rae, I loved your show with Jenny yesterday. You two have a good rapport.
    I’m sure you put people at ease and bring out the best in them.
    Thank you! Every blessing!
    Eva Stevens – Jenny’s mum.


    • Ma’am, it didn’t take much with her at all. She was an absolute delight and I was happy to bring someone so gracious and joyful here to meet people. You all have a lot to be proud of with her, she’s not only talented – she’s kind. Thank you for sharing her with us.


  2. Thanks Apryl for your upbeat, kind, professional and witty interview with my little sis Jen! Looking forward to hearing more future interviews you lovely soul😊


    • Hi! I’m so glad you could stop by! I had SO much fun with your sister, it was so wonderful to be able to talk to her. I’m glad to hear you all enjoyed it too 😀


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